Mediaworkshop at the Youth Delphic Games in Goa/India

evtl. 2018


For art and culture enthusiasts, Goa is the place to go! Witness a truly international event, the Youth Delphic Games. The world's only common floor for art and culture comes to India for the first time to celebrate artistic human diversity.

A team of European journalists will join this festival in a mediaworkshop – and you can be a part of this!

Being a young spin off from the traditional Olympic Games with a 2500-year history in ancient Greece, the Delphic Games of the modern era were founded in 1994. The event has been travelling to eight countries over the past two decades such as South Africa and Georgia, being held in different formats and dimensions like musical sounds, performing arts and language arts.
The 5th Youth Delphic Games will be hosted in Goa, attracting 125 countries with over 7,000 participants, 6 art categories and over 70 sub-categories, performing artistics and fun events and activities for everyone.
Similar to the Olympic idea which unites people worldwide in their excitement for sports, the Delphic Games of the Modern Era are uniting people of all nations through arts and culture. They offer a unique forum for a peaceful dialogue of all cultures. By preserving national and ethnical identity, the Delphic Games are strengthening basic humanistic values, the worldwide cultural network and the international peace process.



The inviting organization is the Pressenetzwerk fuer Jugendthemen (network for youth-subjects in the context of media), a German association of journalists and press-related-managers of youth-organizations. For almost 50 years, we have been a part of the German field of media. Within Europe, we are an outstanding institution, performing professional journalism and connecting media people to interesting aspects in young peoples lives.

Our Goa media workshop focuses on two goals: On the one hand, we offer a unique chance for young as well as for professionally experienced journalists to be part of the Youth Delphic Games and to report on them from Goa. On the other hand, we will set up a blog that depicts the cultural diversity of the event.

As the mediaworkshop will be funded by the hosts of the Goa-Delphic-Games, participants have to spend little money on travelling expenses. The Delphic Games organizing committe pay for your flight, your stay at Goa, as well as food and trips around Goa. All you have to do is perform your best and report on the Youth Delphic Games.

For 10 days you will be part of an international PNJ-media team, supervised by a professional German journalist. You will be obliged to create at least 10 articles, each on a minimum text length of 2.500 figures or a 2-minute audio feature, or a 2-minute videoclip or 20 high-resolution press photographs. You will publish your stories/photos on Creative Commons in the new Delphic-Games-blog. You can certainly sell them to your media back home too. We expect you to spread the news of the Goa festival all over Europe.

The working language will be English. Articles of the workshop's blog will be edited in English too.



Sorry, the date for the games isn't fixed yet. Stay in touch - we will keep you informed about the process and about the Youth Delphic Games.